Ultimate Gluten Free Shopping List (if you're in NZ)

I'll get straight to the point with this post because you don't need my life story on this one!

Here are some of my favourite gluten-free products and brands, I've tried them and 100% vouch for them, so you can trust me on this (not one brand in this guide has asked me to feature them by the way) Where I can, I will try and link you directly to where you can purchase the item from or at least give you an idea of the price.



Baking Mixes (because we all need a little sugar from time to time

Soy Sauce

  • Kikkoman (is the usual go-to for most people) but it's not the cheapest

  • Lee Kum Kee (again, another go-to for most people)

My personal favourite? I'm not sure where you can get this outside of Christchurch (I get mine from Kosco) but I love Megachef Gluten Free Soy Sauce, (they also do a gluten-free fish sauce) it comes in a 500ml size for less than $5. I believe it's the most value for money.

Beer (that's right, beer)

I've tried almost every gluten-free beer I can find and this is the only one I genuinely go back to.

Kererū Brewing Gluten-Free Ale (I haven't tried the Rasp but I need to!)

Pizza Bases (because why not?)


It's not the cheapest (nothing ever is) but it's the BEST - I Love Baking's Gluten-Free Sour Cream Pastry. This one requires some further investigation however, as I haven't seen it in stores in ages and it's no longer listed on their website.


Let me just say I have tried almost every pasta I can get my hands on and these are the only ones that really really really really don't taste bad/annoy me when I'm cooking them

  • Rummo Pasta (under $7) I get mine from The Mediterranean Food Company, but I believe a few places in NZ stock it

  • Buontempo Buon Appetito Gluten-Free Pasta (and this is a good one because they're all under $4!!)

  • Explore Cusine Green Lentil Pasta (or their Edamame Pasta) (under $7)


Gluten-Free bread sucks. We know it sucks. But there are a few brands out there really trying to make it suck less - the ones that suck less are -

Another thing to think about is bread crumbs. My fave? For fish and for chicken it has to be "crunchy crumb" - now here's the thing... I cannot for the life of me remember who makes it or what it's actually called. So, as soon as I track it down, I will update this!


Kobayashi Gluten-Free Udon - I get mine from Kosco in Christchurch, they may be hard to find, but keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, rice noodles are about the only other option and most stores sell them for under $2.50 and they're all pretty much the same. Terrible photo for reference.

Mexican Nights!

Literally anything by Tio Pablo. Literally, ANYTHING. But if I had to narrow it down I'd go with

Tortillas, Tostadas or Totopitos

Another go-to of mine? Countdowns Free From Mexican Tortillas (under $3)

Other mentions -

  • Delmaine is a fantastic brand and 99% of their sauces are gluten-free. Including their Worcester Sauce! They're all under $3 too.

  • Culleys - from GF/vegan mayos to tomato sauces

  • Macs Love Buzz - Honey Mead (kinda like a beer)

  • Van Diermen Cream Puffs Mini Vanilla Gluten Free (trust me on these)

  • Wellabys - Their Simple Snacks are SO good but my all-time favourite is their Parmesan & Sun-Dried Tomato Crispy Crackers

  • King Soup Mix Gluten Free - a great pantry staple

  • Howler Hot Dogs - GLUTEN-FREE HOT DOGS need I say more?!

  • GFTreets Donuts - the gluten-free donut that even non-gluten-free people enjoy!

There are so many products I know I have missed but I promise to keep this as up to date as I can. With so much more available these days, you're for choice - but I want you to spend your money on items that taste good/work for what you need - and are not just a convenient product!