This thing is seriously cool – pun intended. Introducing Huski Coolers.

Updated: Jan 30

A couple of weeks ago, we were blessed with this sexy stainless steel beer-drinking accessory. So naturally, I recruited the man of the house aka my boyfriend Casey, to sit down and take the Huski Beer Cooler, for a test drive, or ten.

Here he goes….

I have to admit, at first I was a bit dubious. Mostly because I’m a borderline alcoholic, and tend to finish most of my beers before they get warm. At least that’s what I thought…

Halfway through my first beer using the Huski Beer Cooler it was immediately apparent that my whole life was a lie. MY BEERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WARM!!

About Huski:

The HUSKI Beer Cooler is a premium high-performance beer cooler which keeps your beer fridge-cold until the last drop. The secret behind HUSKI’s remarkable ability to keep cool is its double-wall vacuum insulation and air-tight gasket. The stay-dry design also means no condensation, keeping your hands and table dry, no coaster needed. Like its namesake, HUSKI Coolers are hardworking and tough; precision engineered with high-grade 304 stainless steel, they are built to last.

Seriously, until I started using me old mate Huski Beer Cooler I had no idea how quickly a beer warms up, especially in the sun. All of a sudden I was experiencing every sip of golden nectar as if it were fresh out of the fridge. A long afternoon in the springtime Canterbury sun, prepping and planting my vege garden was made exponentially better. You haven’t lived until you’ve consumed a beer that’s crisp and refreshing from start to finish.

I wanted to give it a really long and detailed review, but the reality of it is that the Huski Beer Cooler a super simple, effective and versatile device. I tried it with a number of different beers and it fits most of them, with the exception of some 500mL craft bottles. The gasket can be removed, which allows you to insert or remove regular stubbies easily (it’s super air tight so pulling beers out creates a bit of a vacuum) and also allows for using it with tall cans and some bigger bottles, which fit really snugly as seen above. Smaller cans fit too, but the lip of the can is very close to the lip of the Huski which makes it a bit uncomfortable to drink from.

That said, I was more than happy to endure the mild discomfort in exchange for ice-cold beer!

The Huski Beer Cooler is seriously cool, no pun intended, and I’m amazed by how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s rugged, it doesn’t get grubby like a regular stubby cooler and most importantly it really works. I literally haven’t had a beer without using the Huski Cooler since we got it and I don’t think I ever will.

I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas….

RRP: $34.99 –

P.S Did you know Huski also do Huski Wine Cooler AND Huski Tumbers too!??!