Rosé all day everyday

I’ve always loved a fruity white wine in summer. In 29 degree weather (we’ve had three 29 degree days in Christchurch can you believe it?!) there’s nothing better than sitting down with a cold glass of wine at the end of a long hot day.

So lately I’ve started discovering other wines, and I am currently completely in love (is this a coincidence seeing as its pink?) with Rosé . I don’t have a lot of it, but one or two realllllly cold glasses are simply enough to relax me and refresh my taste buds.

With Friday the 3rd of February marking the start of the second Sip NZ Rosé week (Sunday 5th of Feb being NZ Rosé Day – that’s right, there was a whole day just for Rosé!) I of course, teamed up with my favourite wine family te Pā Wines to give you a simple and easy fresh fruit salad that you can throw together anytime, anywhere – and screams fresh and delicious.

And because you can put this salad together in no time – you have more time to enjoy your favourite glass of Rosé!

From te Pā Wines:

“Lifted floral notes of rose petals, complimented by melon and bucket loads of freshly crushed red berries. This delicious Rosé is delicately structured and generous. The red fruits carry through the palate, with cranberry and pomegranate notes leading into a dry finish with lingering hints of spice. As the back label so eloquently states, this Rosé is reminiscent of “the red fruits of summertime in a glass.”

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 1/2 of a Rock Melon

  2. 1 large Nectarine

  3. 1/2 of a small Lemon

  4. 3 large mint leaves

  5. 1 chilled bottle of te Pā Wines Rosé

Slice your rock melon and nectarine (I opted to keep the skin on the nectarine) and layer into a bowl (you could even layer this on a platter) Squeeze lemon juice over the fruit, then pull out the lemon flesh (about 1/4 of it) and toss through the salad. Chop or tear up the mint leaves, and toss them through the fruit salad.

Set aside in the fridge – serve when your salad and your wine is cool.

P.S: you can also use limes instead of lemons in this recipe – citrus goodness!

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