Rocket, Carrot and Honey Salad

Updated: Sep 13, 2019


Whenever I see one, I panic, I run the other way. I think they are so so cute BUT due to my inability to wear shoes as a kid (as in I’d wear them half way on the walk to school, take them off and run around barefoot all day) I was stung A LOT. You know that scene in Jackass 3 where they hang out with a beekeeper? It scares the pants off me.

What’s funny is over the last year, bee products, especially honey, has become such a staple in my cooking. I love how versatile it is, how you can throw it into baking, or a savoury dish, or even on breakfast and it just works. I’ve gone from having absolutely no honey in the house, to always making sure some is available.

My friends at Nelson Honey provide beautiful honeys, cider vinegar and skincare – and they kindly gifted me with three different honeys, and the most delicious Apple Cider Vinegar which has been infused with Manuka. If you’d like to try any of their products, they’ve kindly given readers of The Food Nest 15% off their purchase – simply use ‘FOODNEST’ at the checkout.

I decided to show off their products and make something truly tasty for summer – bring on my Rocket and Carrot Salad (I really need to get better at naming my recipes)

Heres what you’ll need:

For the salad:

1 cup of fresh Rocket Half a cup of Chickpeas 3 large Carrots ¼ cup of Pumpkin Seeds 1 tsp of Honey (I used Nelson Honey’s Honey Dew) Olive Oil

For the dressing

½ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (using Nelson Honey’s, if you don’t use this one, make sure you add a teaspoon of honey to the dressing) ¼ cup of Soy Sauce 1 tsp of Lemon Juice Half a tsp of crushed Ginger A pinch of Chilli Powder

Coat your carrots and chickpeas in olive oil and place in the oven at 180 deg until roasted. Remove from the oven, and place aside to cool.

In a small pan, on a medium heat add your honey and pumpkin seeds. Cook until toasted and sticky. Leave them to sit for about 5 minutes then place in a blender and wiz them up.

Combine your dressing ingredients in a small jar and shake thoroughly until combined.

Either lie your ingredients on a plate and drizzle over your dressing, or throw them into a bowl, toss and drizzle. It’s completely up to you! Don’t forget to sprinkle all your pumpkin seeds through it too.