Pasta Pasta Read All About It

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Pasta – this is something that has taken me years to finally get around to making. About a year ago I bought a pasta maker, with FULL INTENTIONS of becoming the next Italian goddess, but after years of eating really crappy gluten-free pasta, making my own was tossed aside as I was worried I’d be wasting my time.

HA HA HA jokes on me! Because when I finally got my A into G and made my own. IT WAS FREAKIN DELICIOUS if I must say so myself.

This isn’t so much of a recipe post – it’s going to be more of a “here’s what we’ve tried so far, and it hasn’t failed, YET” post. Cool? Ok cool.

Pasta Recipe - 200 grams of gluten free flours (we used a mixture of edmonds GF flour and glutinous rice flour) - 2 large eggs – if you find the dough isn’t binding well, add one egg yolk) - 1 large tsp of olive oil

We tried this without the oil, and honestly – crumble city. Add the oil.

What we did: Put the whole lot in a blender and whizzed until combined. From there, remove from the blender onto a lightly floured surface and kneaded until completely combined.

Then we: On one occasion, we rolled out until it was a thickness we liked and then sliced into long fettuccine length noodles. But you said you bought a pasta maker? Well yes, I did – but the gluten-free pasta doesn’t like the machine. If you’d like it to hold together and not become little tiny pieces of pasta, get out your rolling pin and get your hands dirty.

On another occasion, we rolled the dough out into sheets, and then made pumpkin, cream cheese, blue cheese and spinach ravioli in a creamy sauce. Yep, we’re fat now.

I’m going to keep updating you throughout my pasta journey – why? Because pasta is so versatile, and let's be honest. It’s pasta. Who doesn’t want to hear about it?