Out with the weeds, in with the seeds!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

We were only a year into owning our own home, halfway through renovations and garden makeovers when everything I had set my heart on doing, came to a massive halt. Two words. BACK INJURY.

I couldn’t do simple tasks that were once super easy, let alone maintain our MASSIVE garden, which is one of my favourite things to do, especially in summer. And that is where my new pals Goodnest come in. They took on the almighty challenge of rescuing our garden, and gave us the push we needed to tidy up our yard before spring really takes over.

The process is super easy!

Head to Goodnest’s website, login and select your job requirements, and the dates you’re available. Goodnest then matches you up with your service of choice. They give you an estimated cost, and will adjust the job to let you know if it needs less/more time. You can even select upgrades to go alongside it (fridge and oven cleans HELLO)

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Let me show you a few before photos of our crazy front garden…


A big thank you to Kane from Goodnest, who did a fantastic job of weeding, weed eating, trimming back dead foliage, and weed spraying (which is why you can still see a few weeds, we’re waiting for the spray to kick in). He also advised us on how to keep on top of our jungle like garden with tips and tricks, and information about plants we had NO idea were actually weeds!

It’s amazing the difference it has made having just one small part of our 860m² section looking immaculate. After getting the kick start we needed from Goodnest, we’re so much more motivated to get the rest of it looking less like an episode of Hoarders, and more like the cover of Home and Garden magazine in time for summer. So if you’re looking out your kitchen window right now and don’t know where to start, let my pals at Goodnest, take the first step for you.