Gluten Free Gnocchi

Updated: Jan 30

You know how people throw around things like “ugh I look like a potato today” Or how about “he has a chip on his shoulder?” WHY. WHY do we do this? Because, UM I’D LOVE CHIPS ON MY SHOULDERS. UM, POTATOES ARE STUNNING. YOU MUST LOOK GREAT.

Potatoes are one of the BEST vegetables you can have in your pantry (if yours are in your fridge take them out RIGHT NOW) Craving chips? Grab a potato. Craving mash? Grab a potato. Plain old hungry? GRAB A POTATO. Someone annoying you? Grab a…

From now on, whenever you feel like you are a potato, I want you to remember a potato is a luscious, delicious, desirable vegetable that we cannot live without (well mate I cant)

Anyway, here’s how to make my light and fluffy cloud-like gluten free Gnocchi, which is sure to fix the world's problems.

This gluten free gnocchi Serves 4.

  1. 2 large potatoes (mine weighed a total of 420 grams)

  2. 1 cup of rice flour

  3. 1 egg

  4. Salt and pepper for seasoning

Peel and dice potatoes into cubes. Rinse under cold water and transfer into a pot of water. Boil until soft.

Remove from the heat and mash while still hot. Set aside for about 5 minutes to cool slightly. You will want the potato to be warm when you crack the egg in. Add the egg, and mix until completely combined. Add seasoning.

Add rice flour and mix until a crumbly dough forms. From there transfer onto bench/surface and start to roll. It will slowly form into a big ball. Once a ball has formed, divide into 4 pieces and begin to roll your gluten-free Gnocchi. It is slightly crumblier in comparison to a normal Gnocchi mix, however, it’s just as easy to work with and roll out.

Roll into a thin “sausage” type shape, and then cut into bite-sized pieces. Set aside, and in a large pot, boil water (easiest instruction yet right?) Once the water is boiling, add your gluten-free Gnocchi. When will it be ready? As soon as it floats to the top!

Serve your gluten-free Gnocchi your favourite sauce – I’ve chosen burnt butter and mushroom because it’s genius, but you can tomato it up, cream it up, or just eat it covered in cheese with your bare hands in the kitchen.