I’m old enough to get drunk at brunch

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I’ve been sitting here trying to write for you guys, an honest account of how I feel my 20’s (in particular my mid to late 20’s) have gone for me, seeing as it’s my birthday soon.

I typed over and over all of that advice people give you when they’re getting older (and supposedly wiser) like ‘your friends will change!” and “you’ll make mistakes” and “some people won’t like you, and that’s ok” and while it’s all true, it’s also things you’ve heard a thousand times before. Yawn.

So here is a brief but truthful rundown on how I think my mid and now late 20’s have been for me. I’ll leave my early 20’s out because they involved A LOT of cask wine and bad decisions (decisions that also lead me to have a crazy breakdown, move to Taupo and meet the guy I’ve now spent 6 years with), but decisions that have helped me come to realise really important things about myself and how I want my life to be.

My mid to late twenties have reminded me so much of my teenage years. Zits included. It’s been SUCH a confusing time.

I feel like there’s this pressure to appreciate how young you are, but you’re also expected to act older, wiser, and more mature.  There’s this expectation to be living out your best years because ‘you’re only young once!’ but to also have your shit together – ‘So when are you having kids?’ (my fave question of the minute). In turn, all you end up doing is spending a good couple of years trying to balance out having fun and being slightly wild, with also staying structured and being careful that your employer doesn’t see photos of you jumping naked off a party boat.

Let me tell you something right now. I call BS on it all. I’ve decided that it’s actually ok to not be living the path that everyone assumes you should be. It’s actually ok to reinvent yourself and your life until YOU feel you’re doing what’s right for you. I think the most important thing when you’re doing it, is making sure you don’t hurt anyone along the way (yourself included).

So for me coming up another year older, I’ve realised it is actually alright to be an exuberant, lively person, with a slight attitude and an unhealthy addiction to coffee, who doesn’t have her life completely together but makes wide-leg pants, high heels and a nude lip, look like she does.

The fact of the matter is life is different for everyone and at the end of the day, there isn’t a rule that states you should have done this or that by a certain age. Life is different for everyone – if you sit down in a room with 5 other people and ask them what turning 25 was like for them, you’ll get 5 very different stories every single time.

So leading up to the big 3-0, here is the only piece of wisdom I think I want to personally carry with me for the time being.

“It’s ok to be drunk at brunch”