Free Farmed Patoa Farms Pork Belly with Countdown NZ - Pork Belly on the Weber Kettle

Updated: Jan 29

Over the last few months, we and a few of our friends have decided to be more conscious about where our meat is sourced.

Chicken has been easy, however one we’ve found harder is pork! Luckily for us, Countdown’s across New Zealand have now moved to stock 100% Free Farmed Pork which I think is a fantastic step forward for a large supermarket chain to make.

They’ve achieved this by working with Patoa Farms in North Canterbury who have been finding ways to make free farmed pork more accessible and affordable. More and more people are becoming interested in where their food comes from, and how it is farmed and there is now so much more demand for food like free-range eggs, chicken and free farmed pork is a testament to this.

P.S – Patoa have the SPCA blue tick.

As some of you know, we’re huge charcoal BBQ fans in this house, so we thought what better way to show off this Free Farmed Pork Belly from Countdown, than with a good old slow BBQ.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 1x Free Farmed Pork Belly (ours was 1.126kgs, we’d recommend using no less than 1 kg)

  2. ⅓ cup of dried sage

  3. 5 large bay leaves

  4. 3 tins of coconut cream

  5. Salt and Pepper


  1. 24 hours before cooking, score the skin (Countdown had kindly done this for us)

  2. From there, salt the skin and leave it uncovered in the fridge minimum overnight, or up to 48 hours to cure

  3. Next, sit in on a bed of sage and bay leaves in a foil tray

  4. Cook hot and fast on your charcoal (we use Weber) bbq, at 450F (approx 230C) for 45 minutes, to blister the skin

  5. Remove from the BBQ and leaving the skin exposed, add the coconut cream to the tray (note, you want to cover as much of the meat as possible, but make sure that skin is left exposed)

  6. Place back in the BBQ at 250F (120C) for a further 3 hours

  7. Then take the pork out of the cream and place back on the bbq for a further hour

  8. Remove, rest, enjoy!

Note: this could be done in your oven or gas BBQ, but the charcoal BBQ gives it a wonderful smokey flavour and who doesn’t enjoy BBQing in this amazing weather we’ve been having?!?

Also – worried about wasting the coconut cream? Tip – chuck it into a pot and reduce it down, it makes a wicked sauce! Add things like green chilli and cumin and you’ve got yourself a green curry.

This post was kindly sponsored by Countdown. All thoughts are my own.