Chia Panna Cotta with CHIA Sisters.

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

If you’re a kiwi – you’ve probably heard of CHIA, and if you haven’t, then let me introduce you.

CHIA began as a healthy alternative to sports drinks currently on the market. It’s locally owned and made in Nelson, New Zealand (if you haven’t been to Nelson you should, I’ve lived there and it’s absolutely beautiful) The team behind CHIA are passionate about health, wellness and nutrition, which makes them the perfect people to create this bottle of healthy deliciousness.

If you’re looking for something that is rich in Omega 3’s and Fibre, is refined sugar-free, vegan, GE free, gluten-free AND paleo, then look no further – CHIA is definitely the drink for you.

So where do I fit into this? Well, it was 10pm on a Friday night. Some people are out, some people are at home with a glass of wine. Me? I was at home, with a couple of bottles of CHIA – and an idea.

You can find CHIA at or Instagram and Facebook

This recipe is a great dessert for those who are monitoring their sugar intake, but have a sweet tooth they need to curb – actually you know what, it’s great for everyone!

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. 300mls of cream (double cream works great, but normal is fine too, if you’re Paleo, coconut cream is a great alternative)

  2. 6 tablespoons of milk (I used trim)

  3. 1 large tablespoon of Honey

  4. 3/4 of a bottle of CHIA (I’ve used the Blueberry and Apple Flavour)

  5. 3 teaspoons of Gelatine powder, dissolved in approximately 1/4 cup of hot water

  6. 1 teaspoon of Vanilla of your choice

In a small to medium sized pot, bring your Cream, Milk, Honey, CHIA and Vanilla to slow simmer for approximately  5 mins – 8 mins. Remove from heat and put to one side.

Dissolve the Gelatine in hot water, stir briskly with a fork until the mixture has fully dissolved into a paste. Place your pot back on the stove, and on a low heat, mix in the Gelatine. Stir until you’re confident the Gelatine is throughly mixed in.

Remove from heat and leave to cool (treat it like it’s jelly – you don’t rush to put that in the fridge) Once cool, pour into ramekins and place in the fridge, covered in cling film. Give it at least a minimum of 4 hours to set, but overnight is preferred.

To remove the Panna Cotta from the ramekin (you can eat it straight from there if you like) place your ramekins into a bowl full of warm water for approximately one minute. Remove and slide a knife around the outside of the pudding. Place on a plate, and it should slide out.

Tips Don’t have access to CHIA? Wizz up a handful of fresh berries or fruit of your choice and add CHIA seeds to the mix – soak in the fridge overnight.