A tribute to summer with Blush Vodka (Small Batch Honey & Rhubarb Vodka by Blush Gin)

Updated: Jan 29

It FINALLY FEELS LIKE SUMMER IS HERE. Sadly, I am stuck in an office or in a classroom for most of my week and then when it’s FINALLY the weekend, I have to be a real adult and get all my chores done instead of laying in bed till 2pm (unfair)

But because I’m really smart, when I finish all my chores I like to reward myself with a special cocktail! My personal fave weekend spirit (which I am sure by now everyone knows) is Blush Vodka and Blush Gin - (check out the gin recipe here)

For those who don't know, Blush Gin and Blush Vodka are made from Rhubarb - it's delicious.

I've used Blush Vodka in this to create what I like to simply refer to as "a tribute to summer"

All you need for this is a glass filled with ice, Blush Honey and Rhubarb Vodka, a dash of pineapple juice, a dash of ginger ale, top it up with soda water and you're good to go!

Not a fan of vodka? You’re covered because you can swap it for Blush Rhubarb Gin too.

This recipe was originally featured in a Facebook post - here.

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