A simple guide to WTF gluten is

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

It’s lunchtime. As routine, me and my friend Rhiana are messaging and talking about our lunches. We do this most days because food is life. Rhi’s having noodle canteen and is chatting away about how much she loves udon noodles. #Noods

“I can’t have udon noodles..”

“Are noodles not gluten free?”

And then it dawns on us. Do people actually know what the hell gluten is?

Rhi doesn’t need to feel bad for not knowing what I can and can’t eat – so many people think I just can’t eat bread and yeah while that’s true, gluten is in far more things than just bread.

So, let me give you a list of things that are full of my mate gluten so you have a fair idea and don’t accidentally poison your GF friends.

*Note, I am not a profresh, sometimes we get things wrong, feel free to correct me if you think I am trying to poison you.

Booze: Think things like beer and bourbons – they are gluten rich. If in doubt, check the label on this one because you just never know. Alcohols that tend to be better options are most wines and gins and the sneaky cider. You can also get great GF Beer from Kereru Brewing

#blessed #mynewbestfriends

In the pantry: Starches. Cornstarch? I’d check the box. Some are GF and some smuggle gluten into them. I tend to think some put it in to bulk it up to make money but you never know. Edmonds is a good GF one, but to be honest, Potato or Corn is fine as long as its LABELLED GF.

Spice mixes/Gravy mixes – gluten is hiding in huge quantities in these. Dang it.

Vitamins – I know right?! It sounds insane but there ya go.

Sauces: Soy sauce – check the label every time! It’s a hit and miss. My faves are Kikkoman GF Soy Sauce and MegaChef GF Soy Sauce.

Tomato sauce, BBQ Sauce and some Mustards

Shout out to Delmaine who make the best GF sauces ever, otherwise, you could make your own! Most sauces really…. *sob* Triple check. Soz guys.

Meat: Processed sausages and deli meats – that sweet processed luncheon that you smother in t-sauce and all the other fun stuff? Full of gluten. This includes most imitation crab meats too. No seafood sensation here. Avoid processed ones and buy nicer cuts like handmade sausages (our butcher Peter Timbs hey shout out makes great GF ones) or cured meats, rather than a snarky sizzler. Gag.

Carbs: Pasta and noodles – even egg noodles! Luckily you can get some epic GF Pasta and rice and knjoac noodles are totally safe.

Chips – NOT THE SACRED POTATO. But yes. The flavouring on potato chips often contains gluten, and the coatings on deep-fried chips do too. Ready Salted is the most boring flavour on the planet but if in doubt, it is usually your safest flav.

As for hot chips, you can opt to make your own, or look for brands who don’t use coatings. Also, be careful where you fry them!

That reminds me, Gnocchi isn’t GF either.

Grains – I feel like for this it’s easier for GF people to tell you what ones are SAFE for them to eat, and from there if it’s not on the list, don’t feed it to them.

Safe grains include:

  1. Buckwheat

  2. Cornflour/Potato Starch

  3. Rice – brown and white

  4. Quinoa

  5. Rice Flours

  6. Sorghum

Fun stuff: Ice creams – You know like cookies and cream? Nah. Not happening. Look for the brands that specifically label allergy related ingredients in them.

Nacho Chips – sorry team, this even includes dirty Doritos.

Are you screaming with pain yet? Don’t worry, it looks like a lot of things to remember, and honestly – it kind of is. But the best way to be a great mate and be inclusive of people that have gluten issues is to just ask. We absolutely don’t mind explaining this stuff, or gently reminding you what’s okay.

It’s as simple as ‘Can you eat this or will it ruin your whole day?’

Boom. Sorted.

P.S – please don’t use salads as a last resort when feeding us. We hate that.