A cup of joe and a slice to go with My Coffee Capsules NZ

Updated: Jan 30

In order for me to be a semi-functioning human being, I need a cup of coffee to start the day. And none of this instant business, it has to be a REAL GOOD cup of coffee.

Anyway, I was easily spending a good $40 a week on takeaway coffee and boy oh boy when you buy a coffee every day, the dollars really start to add up. Here I was with my $4.80 latte, thinking to myself – there has to be a better way to have a decent coffee in the morning without going broke!

The coffee gods must have heard me calling because soon after I was introduced to two things. A Nespresso Machine and mycoffeecapsules.co.nz

Let me tell you a bit about My Coffee Capsules (because I am sure you all know about Nespresso)

  1. My Coffee Capsules are company who will save you money – depending on how much coffee you drink, making the switch to Caffesso pods, could save you hundreds per year

  2. Caffesso pods start from as little as $7.50

  3. My Coffee Capsule's Caffesso capsules will work in all Nespresso machines

  4. Caffesso award-winning coffee (we like this)

  5. There are a huge variety of blends to choose from, so every type of coffee drinker is covered

  6. They can be recycled! – you can find more info on that here (and as of Oct 2019, you can get compostable coffee capsules now too)

I’ve teamed up with mycoffeecapsules.co.nz to bring you a recipe that is going to pair perfectly with your favourite cup of joe, whether it be a Sidamo, Milano, Colombian or Intenso (which are my faves of the bunch)

This slice is a take on a real kiwi classic, the good ole afghan. It’s rich, it’s fudgy and it pairs perfectly with a big cup of coffee!

Here’s what you’ll need to make my Afghan Slice

  1. 100 grams of butter

  2. 25 grams of corn flakes (I used gluten-free ones)

  3. 1 egg

  4. 100 grams of white sugar

  5. 50 grams of brown sugar

  6. 1 tsp of vanilla

  7. 2 tablespoons of raw cacao

  8. 100 grams of gluten-free flour (Edmonds)

  9. 100 grams of chocolate (broken into pieces)

  10. 1 tsp baking powder

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, fan bake.

Soften the butter until its almost melted, and then add the egg, vanilla and sugar. Beat until smooth. From here, sift in your flour, baking powder and cacao and mix thoroughly.

Add the chocolate and cornflakes to the mixture. Pour into a greased tin, and bake for 20 minutes. DO NOT over bake, you want this slice to come out rich and fudgy. The longer it’s in the oven, the less likely it is that it will come out that way.

While you’re waiting for the slice to cool, pop your favourite My Coffee Capsule's Caffesso pod into your Nespresso machine, and watch the magic happen.

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This post was sponsored by mycoffeecapules.co.nz